BARK issue 2

The undisputed leading role in the current fashion season, playing countless parts and yet enthralling in each of them, is… color! Next season it will be making a triumphant return, dramatically demonstrating that fashion is too exciting to be confined to one plain hue.

Designers adore color! They experiment fearlessly with it, loving the infinite shades of their palettes and giving free rein to their inspiration to present the most stunning creations.

Color is undoubtedly the new universal trend, lending style a more playful, more dynamic dimension while underlining femininity through explosive and often outrageously challenging combinations. At the same time, however, it represents something new: a fun-loving and carefree joi de vivre for those who find reasons to smile more often and have a brighter outlook on life in defiance of the present gloom.

Flirting unashamedly with color, the new season’s fashion is daring, unconventional, provocative and spirited. This issue will splash countless touches of imagination throughout our everyday lives, but most of all in our wardrobes! Enjoy!