BARK magazine

Brashly assertive and yet beguilingly, Bark invades centre stage setting its own very special tone. Unpredictable as fashion itself, it is fresh and idiosyncratic – the epitome of cool for fashionistas the world over. In the forefront of style hunting, it sniffs out new trends, lures talent out of its lairs, creates hypes and travels to metropolises of style to capture the freshest and most interesting of whatever exists out there.

They are young, ambitious designers, not afraid of challenges and bursting with talent; creators by instinct, they set their own boundaries in the game of innovation by distaining cheap imitations and the tedium of stereotypes. All these courageous designers hold conventions in contempt and embrace the madness of the unknown, the wonderful and the new. Get to know these trend setters of tomorrow. Follow them with passion, share their work, hash tag their name. Remember: tomorrow the world of fashion will be talking about them.

Bark is here to stay and a world of exclusive design and luxury is only a breath away. Don’t be afraid of the challenge. Jump in there, see for yourself, express your ideas and make your own statement loud and clear: bark, bark, bark!