A _ Strategic Brand

Exploration and assessment of the conditions and environment in which the brand participates.

Market placement survey. Definition or formulation of the brand’s main aims (vision, mission statement, values etc.).

B _ Verbal Identity

Study of the product to create a brand name. Creation of a slogan. Definition of the linguistic style used to communicate the brand.

C _ Visual Identity

Logo design. Shaping of the visual elements that accompany the logo, aiming at creating a comprehensive image.

Proper management and application of the brand identity.

D _ Application Development and Identity Management

Design of  the applications for corporate identity,
clothing identity, publications, communication material,
websites, packaging design etc.

E _ Media Services

Post Production
Press Release Creation
Article Creation

F _ Visual Merchandising

Study of the brand environment,
(Shops and other outlets, exhibitions) and
design of similar applications.


We aim to help you recognize your clients’ needs, develop the products and service that will meet those needs and create the necessary conditions for demand, which will lead to successful sales.

How will we achieve that?

Let’s talk about it.


INFUR, a world of luxury with its particular “passion” for fur and a fascination with the luxury spirit it represents in clothing
and contemporary living, INFUR takes Fashion, catwalk trends and the mood of the new street-style forms of
exclusivity and translates them into the sphere of accessories, jewelry, design and lifestyle.

A discriminating magazine that picks up and reports on trends, embraces the taste of luxury inherent in even the tiniest detail
and strikes the perfect balance between classical and avant-garde, establishment and new establishment in its
blend of Luxury Lifestyle ingredients.


BARK, as fashion happens; in fashion cities; right where fashion’s at Milan, Paris, New York, London, Copenhagen… BARK is right there at the major side events to the ready-to-wear fashion shows and beyond.

Homing in on “what’s new”, on creativity currently emerging or already making waves, with a special focus on the world of young and up-coming
designers and rising stars.

Fashion, accessories and lifestyle, BARK is a Scout for Talent Scouts, a trade magazine for those operating within the fashion system – buyers, companies, style departments, designers …intended to stress the importance of being where it’s all happening,
right as it happens.

A vehicle of communication and promotion that goes “hot off the press” straight into its readers’ hands.